University of California San Francisco

Comprehensive Pain Management at UCSF

Medical evidence has shown that providing epidural anesthesia perioperatively reduces cardiovascular and pulmonary complications, and improves the return of intestinal function more rapidly after major abdominal surgery.

UCSF's Pain Management Team provides 24/7, around-the-clock pain management service to patients after surgery.  Our state-of-the-art approach to pain management sets UCSF apart from other programs that do not provide epidural after major abdominal surgery.  

Benefits of Epidural Anesthesia
Reduction in perioperative mortality and morbidity
Reduction in cardiac complications, such as heart attack and abnormal heart rhythm
Reduction in pulmonary complications, such as pneumonia and need to be on ventilator
Reduced pain
Faster return of bowel function, so patients can eat sooner after surgery
Improved rehabilitation and faster time to discharge, resulting in a shorter hospital stay

Reduction in immunosuppression, which is associated with a lower risk of cancer recurrence and metastasis